How to send news via Sync App?

Only school and classroom administrators are allowed to send news with an option to enable or disable replies from students and parents. 
Please check your profile page to confirm whether you are the school administrator or the classroom administrator. 
A. School Administrator

School Administrator
Key icon with 'Admin' status
B. Classroom Administrator
Classroom Administrator
Teacher with classroom
Step 1: Click the compose button at your home page
Compose Icon
Click the compose (floating blue) button
Compose News - Select Recipients
Click 'Select group' icon
Step 2: Select your target audience
A. School Administrator
School Administrator Recipients
Based on roles, grades or classroom
B. Classroom Administrator
Classroom Administrator Recipients
Based on classroom (news will be sent to students and parents)
Step 3: Enable or disable discussion
Discussion Toggle
Choose either one-way or two-way communication (available on Android at the moment)
Learn more about the discussion here
Step 4: Enter news title and description
Title & Description
Support multi-language based on your keyboard setting
Step 5: Add photos, URL and files
Upload up to 10 photos from your phone gallery or camera, paste URL link and upload up to 10 files from your Google Drive account
Learn more about the attachment here
Step 6: Click send button
Send News Button
Click the send button on the top right of the page
Push notifications will be sent to alert the members on the updates. You may view, edit or delete the news sent, access delivery reports and answer questions at the discussion section. Click here to see how it works!.
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