How to send a registration request to school?

Manual Registration - If you did not receive an invitation from your school, you can still register manually by sending a request to the school. This is subject to school management approval based on the data provided by you. 
Step 1: Go to your profile page (on the bottom right of your app)
Step 2: Click on the search school box
Step 3: Search your school name (use keywords i.e. Cempaka, Jalan or abbreviation i.e. MCKK, GIIS)
Step 4: Click on the 'Register' button
Step 5: Select your role (applicable for parents and teachers only, the student can only register via Sync Code provided to you after your request has been approved by the school)
Step 6: Select grade and classroom
Step 7: Enter your child NRIC for parents, enter your NRIC for teacher
Step 8: Complete the personal details (tips: upload your profile photo to help the school identify your profile)
Nice works! Once you submitted the registration request, you will see the pending status at your school profile. When your request has been approved, you will receive a push notification to inform you of the approval. Then you should be able to receive updates from the school and interact with the community. 
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