How to register into my school via

Step 1 : Login into your sync account.


Step 2 : Search your school by typing your school name or abbreviation.


Step 3 : Select your role

Note : Currently only teacher and parent are able to do registration process. Student registration can only be done through parent registration.


Step 4 : Select your school year

a) Parent 


b) Teacher

Note : Only teachers can able to choose multiple school years and classes.


Step 5 : Select your classroom

a) Teacher


b) Caretaker


c) Remark

Note : If your class is not on the list, use 'Remark' section to notify the school administration.


Step 6 : Enter your IC/ID number 

Note : This refers to teacher and student id


Step 7 : Enter your required personal details

a) Teacher


b) Caretaker


Step 8 : Submit and wait for approval

Note : Your registration will be in pending and need to be approve by the school administration.



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