How to make payment via Sync app using Debit/Credit Card?

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You will receive a push notification via the Sync app and email for a new bill sent by the school.

Push Notification (Sync & Email)
Click the notification to view the bill details. In case you did not get the notification, you can still view the bill received and make payment as below. 

Step 1: Go to your bill tab (click the bill icon on the second right bottom of your app)

Bill Tab


Step 2: Click the bill title to view the details

Select Bill to view details


Step 3: View the bill details and click the 'PAY' button to make payment

Bill Details


Step 4: Select Debit/Credit Card as your payment method

Payment Method - Visa MasterCard


Step 5: Select the 'senangPay' icon and click 'PAY' button

Select senangPay icon


Step 6: Enter your Debit Card or Credit Card details and click the 'PAY' button

Debit Credit Card Details
Step 7: Enter the SMS Code (OTP/MSOS) you received from your bank
SMS Code

Step 8: Congratulations! Your bill is paid. Click the 'PAID' button to view the payment receipt

Bill Details - Paid
Are you still see the 'PAY' button after you have successfully made the payment? Try to pull down the page to refresh. If you are still unable to see the 'PAID' button, please email to


Step 9: View the payment receipt and download PDF file for your copy

Payment Receipt via app


Step 10: View the payment receipt on PDF file

Payment Receipt PDF
The payment receipt and PDF file will be sent automatically to your email address.
You do not need to send the payment receipt to the school anymore. Please be informed that you will see senangPay name appear for the transaction at your credit card statement, sample as below:
senangPay Card Statement


Click here to view how to make payment via Sync App using Online Banking (FPX). 

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