How to create Sync account?

Once you've downloaded Sync mobile app via Google Play or Apple Store, you may create your account as below: 

Step 1: Click 'Let's Get Started' button to create your new account
Sync Landing Page
Step 2: You may register your account using; Mobile Number, Email Address, Facebook or Google
Sync Sign Up Options
1. Register using Mobile Number: 
      1. Enter your mobile number i.e. 0123456789
      2. You will receive 6 digit code sent via SMS (if you do not receive the SMS, try to restart your phone and request the SMS again)
      3. Enter the 6 digit code you received via SMS into Sync mobile app

2. Register using Email Address:

      1. Enter your email address (if you are using other than Gmail, or else just register with Google)
      2. A verification link will be sent to your email address
      3. Open the email via your phone email app and click the link to verify your account

3. Register using Facebook:

      1. Click 'Sign in with Facebook' button
      2. Select your Facebook account if you have more than one account

4. Register using Google: 

      1. Click 'Sign in with Google' button
      2. Select your Google account if you have more than one account
Step 3: Enter your name, select your date of birth and gender
Sync Profile Setup
Step 4: Create your new password (minimum 6 characters)
Sync Create New Password
Congratulations! You have successfully created your account. Now you should be able to see your profile page.
Sync Profile Page
Next, you need to register with your school to receive updates and interact with the community. Not sure how to register? Click here for help. 
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